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Chemisphere begins operations in Colombia February 2002 with the main objective of representing the most important petrochemical companies globally. Later in 2009, we expanded our coverage via the formation of Chemisphere Colombia with the sole purpose of serving the local industries. By way of this strategy, Chemisphere becomes one of the few companies with total market coverage with products for both importers and local buyers under the same corporate umbrella.

Chemisphere represents the leading companies in the market in the production of raw materials for the petrochemical sector.


We commercialize chemical raw materials for Industry with main focus on the sectors of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and resins in general, in addition to the automotive and agrochemical industry. We represent some of the most recognized companies worldwide acting as both agents and or distributors. Our mission is to be the best alternative in terms of cost-benefit, quality and service always focused on our commitment to customers and seeking your complete satisfaction. We work to continuously improve our operation to insure the full satisfaction of our customers, the growth of our employees and results for our shareholders.



CHEMISPHERE COLOMBIA S.A.S., by 2020 will increase its participation in the sectors it serves, by expanding the portfolio and new representations that will contribute to the good exercise achieved and our growth challenges.


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