Our Partners

We represent and distribute chemical products and raw materials of the highest quality and manufactured under the most rigorous global standards. Each of our business partners enjoys leadership in their respective markets and for Chemisphere is an integral part of our commercial program and corporate excellence.



Our relationship with Lyondell dates back to the late 1980s when the company was part of Arco Chemical. Third world petrochemical company with sales in excess of 60 billion dollars, Lyondell is characterized by a portfolio of premium products and commodities for a variety of industries from pharmaceuticals to resins and coatings. With global presence and production capabilities that are among the first manufacturers in the world, Lyondell is one of our main allies in Colombia. We offer USP and industrial Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol LO, Tripropylene Glycol, Vinyl Acetate Monomer, Ethyl Butyl, Industrial and Food Grade Acetic Acid, Ultrapure 95% Ethanol, Tetrahydrofuran, Arcosolvs and Styrene Monomer..



Lumina Trading is a Brazilian company with more than 11 years in the market specialized in the commercialization of chemical products and soy derivatives for the Americas. Through our commercial relationship, we offer Lecithin FG, Glycerin USP, Petroleum Jelly, Cakes and Proteins Derived From Soybeans.



Third Coast Chemicals is the second producer in the USA of brake fluid and third largest in the world. Through our close commercial partnership we supply the automotive market of brake fluid DOT 3,DOT 4, Refrigerants and Derivatives of Ethylene Glycol..



RCMA has been in the rubber and raw materials business since 1897. With a product line that includes latex, natural rubber, coffee and sugar, our represented is the largest participant of global natural rubber and latex trading with more than 880 thousand tons transacted annually. We provide supply the market with the following products: High Ammonium Natural Latex, Low Ammonium Latex, Natural Rubber SGR-10, SBR Rubber, SBS, SIS, Polybutadiene Rubber.



Calumet Penreco is the fourth refiner in the United States specialized in the production of paraffinic, naphthenic, transformer oil, Orchex mineral oil bases for dispersions in crops and aliphatic solvents. From our represented we distribute Chemisol 70 and 100, Banana Spray Oil, Aliphatic Solvents, Dielectric Oil, Calpars 325, 100, and 80.



Firestone - Bridgestone is the world's largest tire manufacturer and fourth largest producer of chemicals for the manufacture of rubber products. In this segment we distribute their SSBR series 1500, 1700, low, medium and high CIS polybutadiene rubbers. All products are directed to the rubber industry, soles, profiles and retreading. We provide this company with the following products: High Ammonium Natural Latex, Natural Low Ammonium Latex, Natural Rubber SGR-10, SBR Rubber, SBS, SIS, Polybutadiene Rubber..



Imcopa is the third largest manufacturer in Brazil of soy derivatives with a capacity close to 2 million tons per year of refining. It is a pioneer in the development of non-GMO soy derivatives worldwide and exports approximately 40% of their capacity to the EU and Japan. Currently, it has a complete line of soy derivatives such as Lecithin, Glycerin and Proteins for the Human and Animal Feed Industry.



Buckminster is a large refiner in Brazil of soy beans. Leaders in quality Glycerinm they are certified USP, EP, GMP+ , Kosher and Halal.



Marcus Products is an American company dedicated to manufacturing specialty refrigerants for automobiles, trucks and heavy machinery. They are experts in the formulation of products for "after market" and offer a very wide range of products for the entire industry.

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